EKG Screenings Can Protect Young Hearts

The Lopynski family is dedicated to providing EKG screenings for our youth, to honor the legacy of our son, Ryan. In this video parents tell their stories of the reality of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Let us all be advocates of preventing SCA before it is too late.

One in 300 youth have an undetected heart condition that can put youth at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. But most youth don’t report or recognize symptoms, and EKG screenings are not yet part of well-child or pre-participation sports exams. Parent Heart Watch parents share the stories of their lost youth to help other families avert the tragic loss of life. Take the prevention promise and support our vision to eliminate preventable deaths and disabilities from SCA in youth by 2030.

Parent Heart Watch culminated Heart Month with the debut of
EKG Screenings Can Protect Young Hearts
a short video highlighting the importance of EKG screening
coupled with heart health history and physical examination to protect youth from sudden cardiac arrest and death

Why Aren’t we Doing More to Protect Young Hearts?

Take the Prevention Promise and learn
why we need to screen our youth!