About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent sudden cardiac arrest, save lives, and empower others.

Our Vision & Objectives

The Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation is passionately committed to the prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in young adults because in most cases, there are no symptoms. We do know that an EKG screening is effective in identifying a heart problem.  Our foundation is dedicated to facilitating youth heart screenings and fostering awareness for schools, students, athletes, coaches, families and members of our community. Our goal is to save lives and empower others to support our cause.  We plan to achieve this goal by meeting the following objectives:

  • Purchase EKG/ECG machines to facilitate free youth heart screenings
  • Provide literature, statistics, and facts to educate and raise the awareness level of the severity of EKG/ECG youth heart screenings
  • Purchase AED’s for use in local Fairfax County Schools
  • Educate and provide literature to school staff and its community on the importance and use of AEDs
  • Post current and factual information, medical articles, and recent events, regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our youths, through the Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation website.
  • Post current articles on the Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation Facebook page, as it pertains to SCA/D in order to continue to foster awareness of SCA in our youth

Foundation & Board


Our foundation was formed to honor the life of our son Ryan Davis Lopynski, whose Big Heart and infectious smile will never be forgotten. Our activities are focused on serving the needs of our community. We adhere to our core values while functioning with honesty and integrity.

Funding Sources

Funding sources for The Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation are sought through sponsorships and donations. The purpose of all funding is to strictly facilitate the Foundation’s mission, goals, objectives and vision. 100 percent of all monies obtained will be used to advance its projects.

The Foundation Board

The Board Members of the Ryan Lopynski Big Heart Foundation were determined in the fall of 2012. The Board is comprised of 8 members and 1 at large who will convene quarterly.


President/Co -Founder: Jeremy Lopynski
Advisor/Co-Founder: John Lopynski
Vice President: Rena Vakay
Treasurer: Sherri McMenamin
Director of Operations: Loretta Madelmayer
Medical Director: Dr. Felix Castro, Cardiologist

Medical Advisor:  Dr. Patrick Callahan
Administrators: Suzy Stegmeier

Marketing Specialists: Erin Lopynski, Lorenzo D’Agostino
At Large: Dr. Anne Greene, Dr. Irene Sadr Pediatric Cardiologists