Happy 26th Birthday Rylie

Ryan’s Birthday number 26. Is this number of significance? Today it holds a lot of meaning since specific numbers have been intensely in my mind ever since Ryan left us. I am not sure why. I guess it is the permanence of his departure coupled with trying to hold on to any signs he sends me. These signs always happen to include numbers.  I see them on license plates, billboards, hotel rooms, buildings, stores, clothes, student lockers, in clouds, magazines, even trucks passing by…you name it…special numbers just appear.  I also am reminded of the present date, or a date a special event occurs or even the time I look at the clock. This repeatedly has been 4:26 either a.m. or p.m. since 4/26/09…Ryan’s Angel Birthday. Seeing these numbers makes me smile as I feel Ryan’s presence all around me.

So on Ryan’s 26th birthday, I reflect on the number 26 as being one of my significant numbers. Other special numbers include my lucky number 4, his lucky number 7, number 18 which is not only the age he left us but his birthday (7/18), and finally the number 19. This number was said to be Ryan’s number by Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. Ryan came through her at Constitution Hall to talk with my daughter, Erin. We later learned that this was the number on all of his sports stickers throughout his childhood room.

Happy 26th Birthday to my special angel…seems like yesterday we were celebrating your graduation from Robinson and future as a HOKIE! I will never stop missing you. Please keep sending your beautiful signs. It keeps me smiling.

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Maria Camporeale Newell
Maria Camporeale Newell Thinking of you and offering a special prayer

Ellen Speros
Ellen Speros So beautifully said! Hokies everywhere are sending you continued strength and love!

Marylynne Jankowski Burns
Susan Wooten
Susan Wooten Thinking about you all. 💜 Happy Birthday, Ryan.

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Colleen O'Donnell Kivinski
Lisa Horowitz Margulis
Lisa Horowitz Margulis I love you Jeremy Lopynski! Send you all big hugs! Happy Birthday Ryan.❤️

Yvonne Jevtich Batal
Yvonne Jevtich Batal Still have my Dragon fly displayed <3

Beth Hanlon
Beth Hanlon I remember your kids just as they are in that photo. Blessings to you.❤️🙏

Kathy Jasien
Kathy Jasien ❤️❤️❤️

Kim McGettigan Lynch
Kim McGettigan Lynch I have no words, but I am 100% confident that you have one gorgeous guardian angel looking over you and the amazing work you are doing. <3

Judi Freedman Steinberg Ottosen
Dana Siekman
Dana Siekman Beautiful family, beautiful Angel, beautiful Mom!!

Constance D. Guercin
Constance D. Guercin Awesome pic!! HBD Riley!! Enjoy crabs tonight!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Peggy McNamara
Peggy McNamara Heart going out to u Jeremy! Beautiful family!!!!

Sharon Ricciardi
Sharon Ricciardi Happy Birthday to a perfect Angel. Love & Hugs.

Brigid Lane
Brigid Lane Thinking of you and your family today- sending 💛💛💛💛💛 from Midlothian.

Terry Coyner
Terry Coyner What a beautiful picture of your precious babies! I’m so happy I got to see some of Ryan’s signs with you ❤️ I love you and your infectious smile my friend 😍

Valasie August
Barbara Flaherty Strittmatter
Hector Paredes
Hector Paredes Thinking of you and your family, Jeremy and wishing you peace.

Mimi Fotopoulos
Mimi Fotopoulos Great picture!!! Happy Birthday to Ryan!!! My thoughts are with you and all the Lopynski’s today!!! Sending love and hugs!!!

Angie Speros Scarfone
Angie Speros Scarfone Beautiful pic… You and your family have done such amazing work in Ryan’s name and given you the strength to do what you do….an inspiration to all of us❤️ Sending love and prayers 😘❤️🙏🏻 xo

Eileen Stevens Spencer
Eileen Stevens Spencer Hugs to you today Jeremy

Kathi Binkley
Kathi Binkley This is a beautiful family !

Rosemarie Kane Dorsty
Liz Buchwald Shaw
Kirsten Wiley
Kirsten Wiley Sending you hugs! 💜

Sherri McMenamin
Sherri McMenamin 😇👼🏻 Ryan walks with you and Johhny everyday and showers us all with his blessings as we do the work he guides us to do. ❤️❤️

Melanie FitzGerald Celenza
Melanie FitzGerald Celenza Sending you all hugs today and always! Happy Birthday to your special angel

Gina Crocenzi Masterson
Mary Costley Bathke
Mary Costley Bathke Happy 26th Birthday dear Riley Roo💋
Not a day goes by without a thought of you.
Love you Jea❤️

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Jeff Frey
Jeff Frey Beautiful picture

Deborah Schmidt LaBriola
Annette Tuchman
Laura Friend
Laura Friend Happy Birthday in heaven Ryan. Hugs and love to you Jeremy and family. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything I can do to help you. <3

Margaret Mulderry
Margaret Mulderry Beautiful, happy family…sniffle..hugs to you J

Tricia Vogel
Tricia Vogel Such a beautiful family and memories…the birth of your first born is a memory that never fades❤️

Loretta Madelmayer
Loretta Madelmayer Happy Birthday Sweet Ryan! You’ve got a pretty special family. 💙😇

Millie Gleason
Millie Gleason Thinking of you my dear friend.

Shelly Young
Shelly Young So much love sweet Jeremy. Your faith and your connection is so beautiful.

Nia Bagley
Nia Bagley Your connection to him continues to be incredibly beautiful.

Karen Pederson Dillinger
Teresa Shaw
Teresa Shaw What a good looking crew! Love you.

Renate Manville